African fahion styles, African fashion styles 2022, African fashion design, African Fashion styles for ladies, African wear for men's 2021 Ghana, African fashion wear for men's 2020 Nigeria, African wear for 2022 Ghana, African , African fashion description, African fashion words, african fashion for women, bracelets, bookey B2 bracelet, african fashion description, African fashion words, can a white woman wear African print, , African wears for ladies When it comes to jewelry, you can’t go wrong with pretty bracelets. What makes bracelets so much fun is that they can be enjoyed in a completely different way than necklaces—after all, you can see them while you’re wearing them!  Perfect for layering and stacking.

Our newest series of the Bookey B2 bracelet gives your wrists its own stylish feel to your complete outfit.The Bokey B2 bracelet is a handmade and limited edition African bracelet for people who like to remain discreet and charismatic.Trendy and subtle, this bracelet gives a strong impression of Charisma and mastery.

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