Welcome to the world of African fashion open to the world by the Black & Tough Group through its online sales platform


SHOPEYAMO.COM is a platform for the sale of quality AFRO products for Africans from here and elsewhere. It has the commercial showcase of the B&T Group.


Who are the initiators?


It is a project initiated by the B&T Group to promote premium AFRO brands locally, regionally and internationally. What is your vision? Create a unique and innovative Black & Tough brand in the image of Louis Vuitton which will represent the showcase par excellence of superior quality AFRO products around the world


How does it work? is primarily an online store that highlights the unique and quality products of our craftsmen/Merchants; we promote brands, communicate around African culture and educate our customers about the quality of our products (raw materials).


Who are our targeted market?


We target VIPs (Very Important Personality) who appreciate the quality and originality of AFRO craftsmen located in Africa, Canada and Europe.


What is our Product Offering?


Clothing: Men, women, children


Shoes: Men, women, children


Jewelry: Buckles, Necklaces, Watches


Decorative arts objects: Home, office, …


Fashion accessories: head accessories (hats), cape, bags


Black & Tough Custom Products


What is our Mission?


Promoting AFRO Excellence


Our Slogan: African fashion on the roof of the world


Listen to our regional project manager in a short presentation of the project by clicking here

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