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🎙️ Bogolan is a fabric from Mali, it is also called "Bògòlanfini". The bogolan is a traditional fabric constituting a true symbol of the cultural identity of Mali. The word "bogolan" is a term that will thus designate the fabric itself but also its method of manufacture, it means in Bambara "made with the earth".

👉🏻 It is a fabric made in an artisanal way. First, the fabric is made. It is a cotton canvas that will be woven and soaked in a decoction of tree leaves containing tannin. This will allow you to dye the canvas. The patterns on the fabric are made by hand with mud. A chemical reaction will then make it possible to obtain the characteristic black color of bogolan.

👉🏻 The white parts appear thanks to a mixture of washing powder, chlorine and shea soap serving as powerful bleaches. The rest of the colors of the fabric appear thanks to a mixture of soda, cereals and peanuts.

♻️ Nowadays, bogolan is used for many creations such as bogolan dresses, bogolan shoes, bogolan shirts and many more.

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